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CURA Crisis Pregnancy Services

CURA is an agency of the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference and a voluntary organisation, which offers support and help to those who are faced with a crisis pregnancy.

CURA was established as a caring service for those for whom their pregnancy is or has become a crisis.

CURA upholds the right of every child to be born and to have his or her right to life recognised and respected. It welcomes all who seek its support without judgement or condition, respecting the values and beliefs of its clients and their right to self-determination.

Counsellors will listen to and discuss fully any issues raised by a crisis pregnancy. CURA does not give out contact details, directly or indirectly, for abortion clinics.

CURA volunteers offer non-directive counselling, listening and helping you to talk about your feelings, worries and difficulties.

Services include: Unplanned/crisis pregnancy support and counselling, pregnancy testing, post-abortion counselling support, school awareness programme, support to mothers and fathers of a new baby. All services are free, confidential and non-judgemental.

National Helpline (ROI): 1850 – 622626CURA
Monaghan: 003 53 47 83600CURA
Dundalk: 003 53 42 9337533

Website: www.cura.ie 

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